Business Litigation

The Kauffman and Forman attorneys understand that litigation is the last option. Most of our clients would like to avoid the uncertainty of a civil litigation and for that reason we also can assist with alternative dispute resolution and civil mediation.

Sometimes business litigation is unavoidable. In litigation, our experienced business litigation attorneys have one focus—the best result possible for the client.

Our business litigation attorneys work with our clients to find cost effective solutions to their business legal matters that maximize their legal rights while still respecting their bottom line.

Whether prosecuting or defending a business litigation matter, including contractual claims and disputes, enforcing shareholder agreements, litigating real estate and title actions or simply collecting outstanding debt, our attorneys are savvy yet aggressive advocates. Our business litigation attorneys exhibit the highest standards of civility both in and out of the courtroom, drawing upon extensive trial experience and knowledge of the relevant law.

The firm has represented clients in nearly every state district and circuit court, The Court of Special Appeals and the Court of Appeals of Maryland, as well as U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

Our business litigation attorneys have argued and prevailed on several precedent setting cases, including the definition of suicide, the interpretation of the Maryland Wage Payment Collection Law, and the role of the courts in ordering a corporate dissolution.

If you have a business dispute in Maryland, please contact the business litigation attorneys at Kauffman and Forman P.A. by telephone at 410-823-5700.