Special Education Law

Are you a parent of a child with a disability and are concerned that your child is not receiving a free and appropriate public education (FAPE)? Perhaps, your child is lagging behind his or her peers in school and is reading at a 3rd grade level when your child is in the 8th grade. Maybe the school district is not implementing the IEP or they refuse to offer services in the IEP that you think are necessary for your child to succeed. No matter how often you share your concerns, the school district refuses to listen. Meanwhile, your child is falling further and further behind. If this is your experience, Brad E. Kauffman, Esquire and Kauffman and Forman, PA are here to assist you.  Our goal is to provide you with satisfactory and compassionate representation that will help to alleviate your frustration. We hope to use our skills to resolve your dispute with the school district.  It is certainly our desire to successfully advocate for your child so that he or she can obtain the necessary services to succeed in the classroom.

We have represented children and families at IEP meetings, due process hearings and mediation.

Kauffman and Forman, PA can represent you in the following areas:

  • Child Find violations
  • Development of an IEP
  • Requesting Compensatory Services
  • Private placement/tuition reimbursement claims
  • Denial of FAPE and other procedural and substantive violations of the IDEA

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